Use of Cartoons in Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably the best form of online advertising for one reason: Instead of waiting for prospects to come to your website, you go to them. Email marketing is a terrific way to build repeat business. If you don't already have an email list I can help you build one.

People hate ads, but they love cartoons. If prospects get used to seeing nothing but advertising in your emails they will stop opening them or they may unsubscribe. You have to give them more than advertising. I suggest starting your email with a cartoon. It should be the first thing they see. You follow this up with your advertising message. A couple of cartoons might work even better.

A funny subject line in your email, related to the cartoon will encourage prospects to open the email. The cartoon or cartoons will then start them reading and lead them to your ad.

The only costs associated with your email list are the costs of sending each email, and if you use cartoons, the cost of licensing the cartoon. A good service is Mail Chimp. You can send emails through their service for free up to 12,000 emails, provided you have less than 2000 subscribers. Another popular service is Constant Contact.

For information on cartoon pricing click here.

Contact me to discuss your needs. I can then submit cartoons to you that would be a good fit for your email campaigns.

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