Skunk Off Formula

A while back one of my dogs had a close encounter with a skunk. When I visited the veterinarian he required both me and the dog to wait outside instead of in the waiting room.

When my turn came he came outside and handed me a formula for removing the skunk smell from the dog. Here is the recipe he gave me.

1 quart hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1 tsp. liquid soap

Mix in open container. DO NOT put in closed container. Wash the dog down with this daily until smells disappear.

In my case it only took one application to remove the smells from the dog. As for the smells in the house and in the car I sprayed on Fabreze and that took a couple of days. I haven't had a problem since so I assume my dog learned his lesson.

cartoon about skunks

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