Cartooning for Social Media

The cost per thousand (CPM) for social media advertising is under $3 on average and much lower than any other medium. Facebook is probably the most successful social media site in terms of advertising sales, but sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, and Instagram are also competing. For video advertising, YouTube is also a huge player.

An advantage to advertising on social media is the ability to target your advertising. On Facebook, for example, you can target by gender, age, interests, and location. For location targeting, you can pick a country, a state, or even a town. Pew Internet has published this interesting report on the demographics of social media sites.

I can produce cartoon ads designed for your use on social media. I will insure that they are produced to the sizes required by each site and that they comply with the guidelines given by these sites.

My fees are reasonable. See my pricing guidelines.

Contact me to discuss your social media advertising needs.

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