Toon Outlet

About Me and Toon Outlet

By Ron Coleman

Primarily I am a cartoonist, however, on this website I am defering to other cartoonists. My objective is to make this website a source promoting other cartoonists, both seasoned pros and beginners.

Cartoons that are actually displayed on this website are drawn by other cartoonists from gags that I wrote. I write most of my own gags and frankly, can write more than I have time to draw. So I share these ideas with other cartoonists in exchange for which I ask them to give me 25 percent of any sales they make from my gags. Cartoonists who would like to draw cartoons from my gags are invited to contact me.

Aside from displaying these cartoons I will link to the cartoonist's site or email address as well as his cartoons on cartoonstock or cartooncollections if he has an account there, and to any products he may have for sale online such as books and ebooks, tshirts, greeting cards and the likes.

For those cartoonists who do custom cartooning, I will promote those links as well. Any custom assignments cartoonists receive from Toon Outlet referrals will not be subject to any commissions.

Finally I encourage beginners to participate as well. Everybody needs to start somewhere and I remember how God-awful my first cartoon drawings were. Yet surprisingly, some of them sold. I will also publish tips and ideas about cartooning and marketing on this site or other sites that I manage.

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