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How Toon Outlet Works With Cartoonists and Gagwriters

Toon Outlet is more than a marketing agency. It is more of a collaboration with cartoonists and gagwriters. I feel the proper split for any cartoon sale is as follows: Cartoonist - 50 percent; Gagwriter - 25 percent; Marketing - 25 percent.


A cartoonist submits a cartoon to Toon Outlet. The gag is the cartoonist's own gag. Toon Outlet gets 25 percent for marketing the cartoon and the cartoonist keeps 75 percent.

A gagwriter submits a gag to Toon Outlet. Toon Outlet then provides that gag to another cartoonist. Toon Outlet sells the cartoon. Toon Outlet gets 25 percent for marketing, the cartoonist gets 50 percent for drawing the cartoon, the gagwriter gets 25 percent for writing the gag.

An exception is if the cartoon is sold through a third party, such as a syndicate or an agency such as cartoonstock. Cartoonstock and most syndicates take 50 percent. So the remaining 50 percent would be split with 50 percent of the remainder going to the cartoonist, 25 percent of the remainder going to the gagwriter, and 25 percent of the remainder going to whoever submitted the cartoon to the syndicate or third-party agency.

Here are other ways Toon Outlet will operate differently from most other online agencies:

  1. Toon Outlet will not simply post your cartoons on a website and expect publishers to come to the website and buy them. Rather cartoons will be submitted directly by email to potential publishers. They may go to markets we are all aware of, but in some cases they will also go to new markets that Toon Outlet uncovers (which may be "secret" sources.)
  2. Toon Outlet will be selective about which cartoons they try to market. In order to have publishers take Toon Outlet seriously we must to do our best to submit cartoons that are properly slanted, funny, well-drawn and the type of cartoons the publishers actually want. If we don't do this, publishers will soon stop opening our emails and that won't help any of us.
  3. Most cartoons will be offered on a non-exclusive one-time rights basis, which means you, the cartoonist, can also submit to your sources. In some cases Toon Outlet will go after markets that want first publication rights and these are better-paying markets. But if the cartoonist wants he can reserve these markets for himself and submit to them directly. The exception to this would be if Toon Outlet furnishes the cartoonist with the gag, and in those instances Toon Outlet would go after those higher-paying markets.
  4. In addition to attempting to sell gag cartoons Toon Outlet will be looking for custom cartooning assignments such as illustrations. To be considered for those assignments a cartoonist must be capable of delivering well-drawn cartoons and in a timely manner. Publishers might specify which cartoonists they want to use.
  5. Toon Outlet's policy will be to allow publishers to offer what they are willing to pay rather than specifying a rate.. In many cases this is more than the cartoonist would request anyway. On assigned work, Toon Outlet's policy will be to guarantee satisfaction. If a publisher is not satisfied with the work, they will be under no obligation to buy and Toon Outlet will not require any type of kill payment.

If a cartoonist works with gagwriters directly it will be up to the cartoonist and his gagwriter to negotiate their own split.

To participate in the Toon Outlet program, cartoonists and writers must agree to these terms and be signed up for my email list: Cartoonists and gagwriters will receive emails calling for submissions of cartoons or gags on particular topics as they are needed. Cartoonists should upload cartoons using the form at the bottom of this page or by email. Because the form limits the file sizes of submissions, the cartoons will need to be submitted one at a time. Cartoonists should not overwhelm me with large submissions but rather send just the best of what you have available(I'm only one person). Cartoons should be submitted as jpeg files at 300 dpi resolution with a recommended size of 7.5 inches wide. (2250 pixels) Cartoons should be submitted as black and white cartoons or as both black and white and color versions. If a cartoonist uploads only black and white cartoons, Toon Outlet will colorize them if needed for the markets.

Here is the form for cartoonist uploads:

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