Toon Outlet

Start Your Own Comic Strip or Cartoon Panel With Toon Outlet

Here is a plan which allows cartoonists to create their own webcomic and cross-promote it with other cartoonists.

What You Will Need

At least 14 comic strips or cartoon panels. These must be of professional quality, and should be 300 dpi or better. You will also need social media accounts such as with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How It Will Work

If your cartoon feature is approved, Toon Outlet will send you watermarked copies of your cartoon, such as the following Belvedere cartoon:

Along with it we will send you a link to a sign-up form.

All cartoons and comics will be distributed by email to those who opt in to receive them. These emails will not only display your comic feature but will promote features of others as well. And their opt-in lists will likewise be used to promote your feature. Your cartoon or feature will qualify to become part of these opt-in emails once you secure 25 or more subscribers. Posting your cartoons on social media with a link to the sign-up form is the best way to secure these signups. You could also post your cartoons and your sign-up form to your website. If you want to do paid advertising on your social media accounts this might speed up the process somewhat and we'd be happy to assist you in how to do it. However, we feel this can be done without the paid ads.


Whenever a feature receives 200 subscribers or more we will go after sponsors and whatever we receive from those sponsors will be shared with the cartoonist. The cartoonist will receive 75 percent of this revenue and Toon Outlet will receive the other 25 percent.

Contact Ron Coleman for information on submitting your comic strip or cartoon panels.